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Phuket Entrepreneurs Present Proposals to Boost Tourism Industry

Phuket entrepreneurs are gearing up to present a comprehensive set of six proposals to the Move Forward Party, aiming to give the tourism industry in the province a significant boost.

Thanet Tantipiriyakit, Chairman of the Phuket Tourist Association, revealed that these proposals encompass crucial measures aimed at revitalizing the public transport system, prioritizing tourism as a key driver of the economy, expanding international flight options, ensuring transparent government support, and maintaining a balanced approach to international relationships.

One of the pressing issues highlighted by Phuket entrepreneurs is the need to address problems plaguing the public transport system. This includes tackling issues related to taxi services, such as exorbitant prices charged to foreign tourists and instances of taxi drivers refusing passengers. The proposal emphasizes the importance of implementing reforms to provide a reliable and fair transportation experience for visitors.

In terms of prioritizing the tourism industry, the entrepreneurs propose allocating increased funding to tourism-related organizations and implementing effective promotional campaigns. These initiatives aim to reinvigorate the industry by attracting more visitors and boosting local businesses.

Recognizing the significance of international flights, the group emphasizes the need to enhance connectivity by increasing the number of flights to Phuket. They also advocate for the revival and restructuring of Thai Airways International, ensuring that it meets the evolving demands of post-pandemic tourists.

Clear and consistent government support is another crucial aspect highlighted by the association. They stress the necessity for transparent guidelines and assistance in areas such as the environment, energy, and clean energy costs. This support is essential to facilitate informed decision-making, foster sustainable practices, and enable the tourism industry to navigate the challenges posed by the pandemic effectively.

Furthermore, the entrepreneurs emphasize the importance of maintaining a balanced approach to international relationships. They recognize the direct impact of international relations on the tourism industry and advocate for fostering positive collaborations with various countries.

The Phuket Tourist Association estimates that the number of visitors this year will reach approximately 60-70% of the figures recorded in 2019. Correspondingly, they anticipate tourism revenue to rise to 70-80% of the 2019 amount. However, they also predict a decline in hotel occupancy rates during the low season, with an estimated average rate of 65-70%. This is attributed to the ongoing effects of the pandemic and the slower recovery of major markets such as China.

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