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Thai Visa Costs Soar: Wellington Consulate Announces Substantial Price Hikes

In a significant development for travelers to Thailand from New Zealand, reports have surfaced regarding substantial price increases in visa costs for entry into the country. According to information circulated by Facebook Group, Thai Visa Advice, the Thai embassy in Wellington, New Zealand, is poised to adjust its visa fees, slated to come into effect on March 19, 2024.

The impending price surge is noteworthy, particularly for single-entry tourist visas, which currently stand at 60 NZD and are set to skyrocket to 300 NZD, representing an increase of approximately 500%. Translated into Thai Baht, this surge reflects a jump from about 1300 to over 6000 baht per visa.

The announcement of these adjustments was formally made available on the Thai embassy’s website, citing the document titled “Consular_service_fee_2024” at https://image.mfa.go.th/mfa/0/Ty8J7f4hKr/Consular_service_fee_2024.pdf.

Facebook Group moderator Tod Daniels sought clarification via email from the Thai embassy in New Zealand, confirming the impending price hikes. The embassy attributed the changes to “relevant laws and the changing environment, as well as the exchange rate in New Zealand.”

While other Thai consulates, such as Doha, have also signaled upcoming pricing modifications, they are not expected to match the magnitude of the adjustments set by the Wellington consulate. Additionally, the Sydney consulate is anticipated to launch its eVisa website by mid-March, offering a streamlined application process.

Tod Daniels stated that in talks with the agencies that run to Vientiane and Savannakhet, they have said they have heard nothing from those relevant consulates about any upcoming increase in visa pricing.

Notably, Thai consulates in other locations, including Canada, the USA, Japan, Singapore, among others, have not announced similar price hikes at this time. As it stands, the substantial visa fee increases appear to be confined to the Wellington Thai consulate.

For travelers planning visits to Thailand, staying abreast of these evolving visa regulations is essential. Further updates can be found on the official website of the Thai embassy in Wellington, accessible at https://wellington.thaiembassy.org

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