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Ananda Asoke Condo Case: Clarity Amidst Misinformation

In a recent statement, Ananda MF Asia Asoke Co., Ltd. clarified the ongoing situation regarding the Ashton Asoke condo case. Contrary to recent media reports suggesting an imminent demolition order, the company emphasized that the case is not yet finalized, urging clarity and accuracy in reporting.

On March 7, 2024, the Customer Relations Department of Ananda MF Asia Asoke Co., Ltd. responded to online media coverage from March 6, 2024, highlighting the headline “Condo Ashton Asoke Case: Possible Demolition Order if No Progress in 3 Months.” The report cited the Supreme Administrative Court’s ruling to revoke the construction permit for the Ashton Asoke building, emphasizing potential demolition if progress isn’t made within three months.

The company clarified that the information published inaccurately represents the reality of the case, potentially causing confusion among co-owners and the public. Ananda MF Asia Asoke Co., Ltd. emphasized that the case is still under consideration by the Supreme Administrative Court and has not reached a final verdict. They urged caution against misinformation and encouraged accurate reporting based on the facts.

The clarification referred to the Central Administrative Court’s ruling (Black Case No. 450/2017 Red Case No. 2413/2022), directing the defendants to find a solution to the alleged illegal construction within 180 days, without an immediate order for demolition.

Additionally, the company highlighted another case related to the Ashton Asoke project (Black Case No. A.S. 67/2021 and Red Case No. A.S. 188/2566), where the Supreme Administrative Court ruled to revoke the notice of intent to construct without specifying a timeframe for execution.

Ananda MF Asia Asoke Co., Ltd. expressed confidence in government agencies’ ability to find effective solutions. The Ministry of Transport had appointed a working group on October 24, 2023, to expedite the resolution of issues surrounding the Ashton Asoke Condominium, demonstrating the government’s commitment to addressing the concerns of affected individuals.

As the working group continues its deliberations, the company pledged full cooperation and expressed optimism that a resolution beneficial to all parties involved will be reached soon. The careful consideration of these cases and the commitment of government agencies reflect a dedication to alleviating the impact on those affected by the Ashton Asoke condo case.

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