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Thai Officer Transferred Amid Bribery Allegations

Metropolitan Police Commissioner Pol Lt Gen Thiti Sangsawang announced today that a traffic police officer, suspected of soliciting a bribe from a Japanese national, has been reassigned to an “inactive post” pending investigation. The officer is facing a complaint at Tha Rua police station for alleged misconduct.

The incident, which is believed to have occurred several years ago, recently gained attention after a video surfaced on Thai social media. The footage, captured from inside the Japanese driver’s vehicle, shows the officer issuing a ticket to the driver. However, the driver, unable to understand the Thai language on the ticket, asked the officer about payment options.

In response, the officer instructed the driver to pay immediately. The driver then attempted to hand over a 500 Baht banknote, to which the officer was heard saying, “put under, put under,” in English. The driver complied, placing the money under the ticket before driving away, commenting, “This only happens in Thailand, definitely not in Japan.” The driver, known as a prominent YouTuber who explores Thailand for his channel, documented the encounter.

Commissioner Thiti disclosed that the officer, currently holding the rank of lieutenant, was a sergeant at the time of the incident, which occurred between 2016 and 2019. Thiti stated that he has spoken with the officer, who vaguely recalled stopping a car at the Ranong intersection. The officer claimed not to remember specific details of the incident and requested additional time to review the matter thoroughly.

The investigation into the case continues, underscoring the Metropolitan Police’s commitment to upholding integrity within its ranks and ensuring accountability for alleged misconduct involving law enforcement officers.

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